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The Skilled professionals you are looking for are already employed. The search can be hard and time consuming and we would like to offer you a helping hand.

Our Services



Our main goal is to match your company to skilled professionals who will meet your requirements for the positions offered. We create personalized campaigns and offer a pre-selection process that will produce the most suitable candidates. We also provide a Personal-Professional Diagnostics Test (as a part of pre-selection in some of our campaigns) which will help you choose the most suitable candidates and save you both cost and time.

Our process


  1. First consultation - TO SPECIFY YOUR REQUIREMENTS In this consultation we will determine and define your needs to create the most focused and effective recruitment campaign for you. Our sales representative and human resources consultant will be there to prepare the most suitable approach for you. We will describe all the details at the meeting.
  2. We will suggest the most optimal search - FULLY FUNCTIONAL CAMPAIGN We will use our experience, contacts, internal and public databases, and the contacts in our field and social networks. We will present newly created campaigns in the most suitable advertising portals. Each position will require a different approach and our reach is 60-70% wider than that of an individual. A campaign can be changed during the course of the process in order to be more effective.
  3. We will help with the selection of candidates - WE WILL MAKE A PRE-SELECTION We will create an advertising campaign for the most efficient recruitment of new employees (4PERSON / another legal entity). This way we can select the largest amount of suitable candidates in the labour market and who are currently employed. We will suggest the most effective pre-selection by phone to verify information in candidates’ CVs and find out details about the most suitable candidates. We can also verify their language skills. We will present the position offered to the candidates and introduce your company to the candidates.
  4. Weekly report - WE KEEP IN TOUCH, WE KEEP YOU INFORMED We will write and send you a report about your campaign once a week containing the results of the pre-selection. The recommended candidates’ CVs and the outcome of the phone interviews are an integral part of the report. We will keep on sending reports throughout the whole campaign and according to your feedback or the current circumstances we can suggest possible improvements. Your satisfaction is our priority and we know that communication is key. We react proactively to our clients’ needs and we are highly interested in their feedback about suggested candidates.
  5. Result - FINAL SELETION OF YOUR CANDIDATE We suggest contacting the selected candidates as soon as possible, before your rival company does. Selecting the right person is in your hands but our professional services save you the time, money and the energy necessary to do your own job. All campaigns are tailor-made and based on consultations with clients (in accordance with the law Zák.435/2004 Sb/§16).


Choose from several types of campaigns

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Who we are?

4PERSON company focuses on providing professional services in search of human resources. We have come with various innovations and changes at standard market supply that lead to a more efficient search of the most suitable candidates.
We do not find common applicants for you but we create personalised campaigns to find the best fit for your specified positions. Our priority is the quality, not the quantity of selected candidates.
Our services include a Personal-Professional Diagnostics Test. This determines the working behaviour, skills and personality of the candidates and thus easier classification for a suitable position.
Our company will show you the advantage of a personnel agency and our team of professionals will always recommend the best solution for you. Our clients range from family-based and middle-size companies to corporates. An integral part of our work is generated from repeated trade with our satisfied clients.

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